We do doggy doo-doo so you don't have to!

Just as everyone's pet is special, so are their specific needs. We offer a customized pet waste removal service based on your particular situation. There is no contract for our services- you may start and stop whenever you want. If your dog prefers a particular neighbors lawn, we'll check that too. The fee for this regular service begins at $15/week for one small dog in an average city lot.

Year Round - This service is our most popular option. Once you depend on us to clean your yard, you won't want us to stop! We will be there to clean your yard rain or shine. Just let us know the weeks your dogs go on vacation and leave the rest to us!

Weekly Seasonal - This service is designed for dog owners who only want our service during certain times of the year, such as winter or summer. We'll start and stop the service at your convenience. Just let us know when!

Spring Cleaning - Just like it sounds. We'll come out at the first sign of spring and clean all of the winter pet waste away.

Vacations - This service is for those dog owners who can find someone they know to house-sit their dog but don't want to saddle their family member or friend with that odorous task of cleaning the yard. We will take care of that job and you won't come home to face a yard full of doo-doo.

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